Một lớp học tiếng Anh (Kỳ 7): A memorable encounter

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Tôi không hiểu người bản ngữ cảm thấy như thế nào khi nghe và đọc thứ tiếng Anh đầy những lỗi của người nước ngoài. Bản thân tôi không khó chịu khi người ta nói ngọng hay viết sai tiếng Việt (cũng như là tiếng Anh), nếu ngôn ngữ gợi lên những điều đẹp đẽ (mà tôi có thể nhận ra được). Tôi còn thấy khi người ta cố gắng giao tiếp những điều đẹp đẽ bằng một thứ ngôn ngữ còn vụng về, thì cái sự vụng về ấy nó cũng rất đẹp. Thậm chí tôi còn thấy thứ ngôn ngữ vụng về ấy thú vị hơn vì nó để lộ nhiều thông tin hơn về người viết.

Nhưng chữa bài lại là một việc khác, rất căng thẳng.

Đây là những bài viết của các bạn cho bài tập về nhà của Session 2 (chưa sửa):


When I was child, I didn’t have many books to read. I only had some books of fairy tales and read them again and again. I even didn’t attend to buy more book. With me, at that time, that was enough. But there was event which happened that made me change. One day, I saw my girl friend who had an interesting book. I also liked it. So, I made known my intention to borrow that book from her. She refused my propose. And I didn’t describe by word my great surprise at that moment. Then, I never haven’t done mention it more anytime. But I haven’t forgotten that event. From that time, I haven’t liked borrowing book from anyone. I feel not comfortable to read those books which I borrow. I only have liked buying  the books by myself and reading the book my own. Gradually buying book has became my liking. Sometimes, I buy a book not only I need it but also I like the buying. Or when I sad, I go to the bookstore and look at the books in the bookshelves. So I feel more relaxative. I think that the event of childhood have impacted me thought I have either known.

(Bài viết của Tr.)


The time I met my literary teacher in my secondary school is very important and unforgettable. When I became a pupil in a selected class, it was difficult for me to establish my ability. A selected class meant that there were a lot of good pupils and you had to try your best to be admitted. I only had two choices: one being good at math, second being good at literature. I chose math to pay attention to. In my class the subject proving your intelligence was math. Everyone admired the pupil who gained the highest mark score at math. So, I spent time learning math a lot. But I quickly realized that I couldn’t make any strong impression on my classmates. Seldom did my math scores be over 7. I really fell into a deeply sadness…. I lost my confidence and sometimes I thought everything turned back on me. When I was at the worst feeling, my new literary teacher appeared. She replaced the prior teacher. Her teaching made me interested in literature. Her voice and knowledge could touch my intelligence and emotion. I was able to read literary works without caring time. She always encouraged the pupils’ creativeness. She specially inspired me with her sensitivity and profundity. And my turning point was when I got the first 9 score at literature. I have never forgotten her comments on my writing which helped me believing in myself. I myself knew what I liked and how to establish my ability. You were not good at a subject in spite of your attempt, perhaps because it was not suitable for you. And you needed to find the field giving you a chance to discover your ability.  This has been 13 years since I met her. But time cannot destroy her image in my heart. Her lesson which goes along with me in all my life is: if you want to succeed, you need to know yourself and then must follow your goal until you gain it.

(Bài viết của Mashimoro)


I try to remember some things that are remarkable in my life. But it seems that everything bursts out and appears in my mind, and all of them make me confused. Carelessly, I sink into the disorder memories and get very hard to find down the right thing I want. That means I have no ability to control my thought flow. This story used to happen before I understand the category of thoughts and experience power of positive thinking. This theory tells me about my mind. It’s like a garden that’s full of plants. Positive thoughts are like flowers, necessary thoughts are like leaves, negative thoughts are like thorns and waste thoughts are like wild grasses. I play the role of the gardener who takes care of the garden everyday. To make a beautiful garden, I clean the thorns and weed out the grasses, look after the flowers and the leaves. Everyday I sow the seeds of love, peaceful, wisdom and happiness in the garden just by creating good thoughts about the people I meet and the things around me. My garden would be full of sweet-smelling colorful flowers and lively green leaves. Since I understood what those are in my mind and let my brain think positively; I recognized that I can drive my mind to the trend that I want. Thus, the appeared thoughts become clear then I choose the way how to treat them. The ideally – hard to achieve theory affects me and changes my mind. Now I am a fresh gardener who works hard everyday.

(Bài viết của Zu.lim)


Riding for nothing

I had a bicycle. He had one. And we had an afternoon riding together.

That was a special moment when spring had not left and summer had not come yet. I didn’t know why leaves fell that much and why wind blew that softly. We didn’t know where to go, just go.

Streets, lakes and roads we passed by became strange in the sunset. A transparent thin dark layer covered everything. He said, “Riding in the sunset is much like flying”. I smiled. We had time. I didn’t bring my cellphone along and he had cancelled his appointment.

Our afternoon was longer than usual. We said goodbye at 22:49. I sent a message to him, “Riding bicycles is so happy”. And of course he agreed.

(Bài viết của Decor)


Waiting helps me finding out “Happiness”

Waiting usually makes me angry since I am an impatient girl. However, one time, I also realize that waiting for someone is also a happiness that I often forget.

It was my idle Sunday on April. I wanted to do nothing and I knew that he would come to my student’s apartment for finding me. After some months he said he loved me, I still felt our relationship lacking something to become “ true lovers”, although I liked the way he expressed his love to me, by many flowers at nights, some special books with special dedications, some letters and poems…

I decided to “escape” him that day by walking for nothing around Hoan Kiem Lake and quarters to test my feelings. I intended to know that I missed him or not, and how I missed him. I knew that he was always so worried unreasonable for not seeing me that he could go everywhere in the city to find me. I thought he would do as usual and It was a little interesting for me in ways I made him sad.

Contrary to my predictions, that Sunday I must went for a walk lonely. I was in one self’s feeling who wants to create an love story randomness in which lovers meet each other and find that they cannot live without other. I was disappointed. I thought he maybe looked for me, but it is not somewhere that we touched one by one randomly as in romantic novels. I slowly walked on many small streets, passed by strange crowds. The darkness covered all human’s faces, leaves, roads and it was colder and colder. I did not want to come back. I thought I would go for nothing on the road forever, until I was turned into a bird, a left, a stream of thin mist… I could disappear forever and no one found me in this life.

It was funny that I did not know how I came back my dormitory at 10 p.m in time my roommates began to be worried. But the thing made me surprised extremely that he was still awaiting for me. He sat down, smoking in silence on a benches in a large courtyard  and at that time, I found him very beautiful. He said he waited for me for a long time and he said one of the most important things to him was enjoyed in thinking of me in silence. He could wait for me until I would “realize” him truly, and he loved all these moments.

For now, although we are a couple, I never understand truly, why he did not go for finding me but waiting like that. Were there exact feelings in his mind that finally we would meet each other? Nevertheless, I know that I loved him too and sometimes, we need silences in order to go in-depth other’s soul.

 (Bài viết của Th.)

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  1. Chị ơi, bây giờ em mới biết “nhà” chị ở đây. Thỉnh thoảng chị em mình qua thăm hỏi nhau trên này cũng tiện 🙂

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